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The Grande Prairie Photo Club is made up of a dynamic group of people with a variety of photography skills and experience levels. We believe that by having fun and learning together, we can get the most out of our equipment and make awesome friends along the way. 

Meetings are every third Monday of the month from 7:00-8:30pm at The Centre for Creative Arts, and there are always club field trips going on as well!

Yearly membership costs $50.

To join, fill out the form below or come to a meeting.

Your first meeting is free! 

How it all began...

The Grande Prairie Photo Club had its birth at Smitty’s in the fall of 2004. A group of college students, and instructor Doug Duplessis, gathered to discuss the feasibility of starting a photo club.  The meeting encouraged the two students, Pam Walker and Brenda Mansfield, who initiated the meeting, to continue with the formation of the club.  May was chosen as the month to begin, as College would be finished by then, and the women would have time to organize and advertise the first Photo Club Meeting, with help from the other members of the organizational committee.  The first meeting was held May 16, 2005.  



Grande Prairie Photography Club May 16th, 2005 meeting :


  1. Introduction of main/founding members.

  2. Introduction of people who attend i.e. “Hi my name is…”

  3. General run down of club objectives, meeting dates, location, etc. with open discussion.

  4. Assignment #1: fill out questionnaire about what people would like to see in a photography club.

  5. Assignment #2: If desired bring to next meeting one or two photographs of their choice (either their own photography or of something they find inspiring) for a short critic or discussion of why they like these images.



Grande Prairie Photography Club Members (July 2005) : 

Augier, Leon

Collins, Dominick

Daw, Fred

Doll, Chelan

Doll, Danielle

Doll, Dwayne

Doll, Gary

Duplessis, Doug

Dwernychuk, Erin

Dykstra, Lloyd

Green, John

Hauschildt, Dianne

Hauschildt, Dave

Hof, Roth

Holmos, Lynn

Johnson, Lee

Larson, Amanda

Mansfield, Brenda

McKenzie, Cheryl

Mellon, Sheila

Nemecz, Amie

Patterson, Angie

Pivert, Paul

Reed, Debbie

Savoury, Ellen

Simo, Monty

Stannard, Penny

Twombly, Mike

Van Wagner, Mike

Walker, Pam

Watson, Erinn

Webber, Merv

Whittaker, Yvonne

Wiebe, Butch

Wohlberg, Madelaine

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