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Dave Brosha Workshop

The GP Photo Club had the great opportunity to provide a free workshop for all of our members by the critically acclaimed photographer, Dave Brosha. Hailing from PEI, Dave has been published internationally, and has a wealth of experience in many aspects of photography.

During the morning session, we were inspired as Dave humbly outlined his photography career, from rank amateur to one of the most sought after photographers in the world. We viewed his slideshow with awe, and laughed with him as he told us stories of his struggles. An engaging speaker, he strongly encouraged us to capture images of our families and to focus on the joy capturing images brings us.

The afternoon session was spent at the Grande Prairie Museum, where we divided up into groups, each with a model. Dave gave us themes to try and capture, and spent time with each group, freely sharing his gear, his advice, his experience and his encouragement. We ended the day tired but inspired. It was one of the best workshops the club has ever presented.

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