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Getting Glamorous!

The Grande Prairie Photo Club's meeting this week was all about glamour photography!

This highly intentional avenue of portraiture overlaps with several others so we focused on close up portraits for this meeting. The meeting was led by Liza Curtiss, a local lifestyle and commercial photographer. To kick off the meeting, Liza did a presentation on how to plan and carry out a glamour photo shoot. Some of the topics covered were planning, lighting, backgrounds, posing and etiquette on shoots.

The members then broke out into 3 groups and spent the rest of the meeting photographing the models in 3 unique set ups. It was awesome to see our members who are less familiar with photographing people (especially so close up) step out of their comfort zones and have fun trying something new! Everyone did amazing and a lot of fun was had!

+ A reminder to all members, we are changing over our library exhibit next month, so please bring a new print that is ready to hang to our next meeting on June 19th.

+ Our next meeting will be a Zoom meeting about photo editing led by the legend himself, Dave Brosha.

+ If you'd like to check out Liza's work, you can find her at

+ Interested in joining the club? Contact us at

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