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Studio Tour : Smile and Say Cheese Photography

On the evening of April 23, the club had the great pleasure of being invited into the personal studio of Natasha Haldane.

Natasha introduced herself and spoke about how she learned to love photography from a young age through her mother, one of the club’s former presidents, Doreen Altman. She told us a little about her journey on becoming a full time photographer and one of the most well known photographers in the city. Natasha shoots all kinds of portraits, in studio, outside, including newborns, families, weddings, boudoir, and much more. 

We were shown her three rooms, one was a boudoir and natural light room that was beautifully and tastefully decorated with wonderful props. The other two rooms each had a massive round soft box with an AlienBees strobe. One room had a variety of paper backdrops and cloth backdrops that were mounted and a choice of beautiful chairs and chaises. The Newborn Room had a beautiful layette and thousands of headbands and wraps.

Members were then invited to try using her lights and we eagerly took turns using her Pocket Wizard triggers and taking pictures of each other. Fran was dressed up in a regal red gown and made to recline on a fancy chair, she looks very queenly in her portraits. At one point, four people at once each had a trigger and took pictures one after another. We also had a blast taking pictures of Silje’s beautiful little girls. Maj helped solve some triggering issues, (she’s a treasure and if you need help she’s a great one to ask!) and really helped us improve our posing.

We were offered snacks and beverages and we reluctantly tore ourselves away after a fun filled evening. Some of us who lingered were shown a fourth room that was absolutely stuffed with gorgeous gowns in every imaginable colour that are offered for rentals as is her  studio for very reasonable rates. 

Thank you so much for the enjoyable experience! A great time was had by all. 


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