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M3M studio Tour

The GP Photo Club partnered with M3M Studios for a tour of their beautiful new facility.

Mariah Braun showed us through her studio space and explained how various rooms were developed and used. Mariah’s vision is a space where creators can produce photo, video, and audio content, and she is available to walk you through it all. She also offers camera and other equipment rentals, as well as workshops and creative consulting.

One of the coolest features for photographers is her Cyclorama/Infinity wall, you don’t need any extra lights to take stellar shots but she has fancy continuous lighting that you can pair to change the colour of the wall. This room/wall can also be used for video, and one of the many settings on the light was blue and red police lights so you could add that ambiance to a scene.

M3M also offers a good variety of backdrops for photographers. This is a great space to do family or creative sessions.

The studio even has a teleprompter! Tripods,all kinds of audio gear, and a room specifically for making podcasts. If you missed the tour, I highly recommend that you book a tour and go see this amazing space for yourself.

Mariah is very eager to support or collaborate with the club in any way possible. We may have some future creative opportunities in the future! Stay tuned!


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